Coil Model CM
Dimension 33Hx21Wx21.5D
Tonnage 3
Type Cased
Metering Device E2 EEV
Configuration Multi-Position
Brand MaxAlloy
Series C Series
Parts Warranty 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty
Warranty Notes Must be registered online within 90 days of installation. Otherwise the parts warranty reverts to a 5-year parts limited warranty.
Brochure cfcmcubrochure.pdf
Tech Guide cfcmcutech.pdf
MaxAlloy aluminum indoor coils are specially designed to be installed with UPG furnaces or modular air handlers as part of a matched air conditioning or heat pump system. UPG indoor coils can be applied with indoor orifices and/or TXVs according to the application; most indoor coil models are available as flex coils for installation of the specific expansion device in the field. CM series full cased coils have the added flexibility of multiposition installation; they are shipped as upflow / horizontal left and are easily convertible to downflow / horizontal right. Select CM Models are available with a factory installed Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV). Select SKUs are available with factory mounted TXVs or EEVs. Refer to the Technical Guide for the matched outdoor unit to determine the required indoor expansion device for your specific application. Rigid Case Construction - an interior endoskeleton provides structural support eliminating screw heads protruding from the side of the cabinet that could damage property when being installed. The cabinet is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with a primer and finish coat providing a high quality corrosion resistant finish. Our MaxAlloy Coil is a long life aluminum coil built to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability. The cabinet is insulated with a single piece of cleanable foil faced insulation retained by the endoskeleton; the cabinet design is such that all edges of the insulation are contained. With the coil and access doors removed the cabinet has a 20.5 in casing depth in all models, which provides ease of attic access and allows space constrained applications. The Thermoset Drain Pan is corrosion and UV resistant, with a positive slope for proper drainage—the low water retention design maximizes indoor air quality and consumer comfort. Fully gasketed doors minimizes air leakage to no more than 2% when measured at 1.0 in esp., minimizing conditioned air leakage and infiltration. A three sided duct flange is supplied to be field installed when required.